Spectrum Consultancy - Taxation and Company Registration in Pakistan

NTN-National Tax Number Registration

SC Provide services for registration of National Tax Number - NTN for an individuals, sole proprietorship, non profit organization ,AOP or Private limited companies and for others entities from FBR. Read More

GST - General Sales Tax Registration

GST Pakistan adds to the revenue of the government. It's for traders, distributors, wholesalers, dealers, service providers... We provided all information about process, documents, etc. Read More

Return Filing in Pakistan - Individual and Business

Do you want to get better services at airports? get a brand-new car? purchase property worth more than 5,000,000? avail a minimum withholding tax on bank transactions? If yes then.... Read More

Trademark Registration Pakistan

Help with Trademark Registration Pakistan process for your brand symbol/Logo along with name in particular class and provide you legal assistance to keep security of Brand name. Read More

Copyright Registration in Pakistan

Original work means the work which is not copied of any existing work. Copyright is a legal right to prevent others making copies, publish, reproduce, distribute etc. of your work without your permission. Read More

Private Limited Company Registration

We provide all guidance and assistance for the registration of all types of companies in Pakistan including a Private Limited Company. We can register a PLC and SMC both. Click here to get more information. Read More

Public Limited Company Registration

Are you looking forward to a business in which you will have better access to capital? If you want your shareholders to be able to buy and sell their shares, then Public Limited Company is the ultimate go! Read More

Limited Liability Company Registration

Do you want to get rid of too much annual paperwork? get rid of lots of corporate formalities? don't want the extent of minimum capital participation? want to raise funds easily? Read More

Sole Proprietorship Registration

FBR registration and income tax return filing yearly for employed, unemployed and for businesses by individuals in Pakistan specially for local residents and help them with legal advisory for taxation system Read More

Foreign Company Registration

Help with registering from Federal and provincial departments for Branch and Liaison Offices in Pakistan as well as Board of Investment permissions for Foreign & International companies Read More

Federal Board Revenue-FBR Registration

FBR Registration Pakistan- Income tax , General Sales Tax, Return Filings monthly/yearly and custom registration along with Legal assistance for FBR matters for companies and individuals. Read More

Chamber of Commerce Registration

SC help with the registration of chamber of commerce in different cities of Pakistan for the concerned entities this enable businesses interact with platforms that further the interests in local areas. Read More

WeBoc - Web Based One Customs Registration

WeBoc - Web Based One Customs Registration is a platform for traders. It is the standard and mandatory platform for filing good declarations for both importers and exporters in Pakistan. Read More

Pakistan Engineering Council Registration

If you are a constructor/operator in Pakistan you must obtain PEC Registration. Otherwise, you can not undertake your work. There are many advantages for this also. If you want to know then... Read More

PSEB - Pakistan Software Export Board Registration

If you have a call center or an IT company, then you have to do PSEB Registration. For call centers, it is a must. But, if you have an IT company then you will be given tax exemptions. Read More

NGO Registration in Pakistan

Help with to get legal license or certificate from concerned departments to operate Non Profit Organization or association or foundation in Pakistan in order to work for welfare purpose. Read More

Business Consultancy & Mentorship for Startups

We can provide businesses to our consultancy solutions on the basis of Research, Knowledge, and experience with things like business plans, financial forecasts, analysis, budgeting, change management. Read More

Legal Retainership Corporate Services

SC provide services of Legal Retainer-ship on monthly and annual basis to companies & firms etc. to get services as an authorized agent of SC for client companies towards taxation & corporate matters. Read More

Digital & Social Media Marketing

To assist our business clients in terms of Social Media and Website marketing via our sister concerned Digital Marketing agency " Spectrum Tech ". For further details browse website www.spectrum-tech.net Read More

Advertisement on Local Media in Pakistan

To help our clients for advertisement on electronic and print media we have partner Admill communication advertising agency located in Lahore , Karachi and Dubai. website: www.ad-mill.com. Read More

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