A writ is an order or direction issued by the High Court or Supreme Court for a public office holder to do or not to do an act.

There are five types of writ namely:

1 : Writ of habeas corpus: If a person is illegally detained by a government officer or a public authority, the Court can order to release him and summon the detained person.

2 : Writ of QuoWarranto: Quo Warranto is only for Public officers to inquire about the legality of a claim which he or she is not entitled to do.

3 : Writ of Mandamus: If the public officials do not perform their duties for which they are bound, the Court can order to perform their legal duties.

4 : Writ of Prohibition: If the Lower Courts ora government entity uses their powers beyond their jurisdictions, the High Court or Supreme Court may order them to stop doing the said act.

5 : Writ of Certiorari: If a legal error is believed to be committed, the writ of Certiorari is issued by the High Court or Supreme Court to Lower Courts or a government entity to transfer a particular matter to the higher courts.

In case of violation of fundamental rights, a writ petition can be filed against the state, government agencies, and private authorities discharging public functions.

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