NGO Registration

What is an NGO?

What is an NGO?

When you are willing to start working on the social sectors, there are many laws in Pakistan which you can choose from. There are three common laws in Pakistan under which you can do registration to start your work in the social sector.

Ordinance 1882 (Trust Registration)

In the trust act, the documentation is very less. Also, you can easily register it. Additionally, there are two types of trust registration, property trust, and fund trust.
For instance, if you have a property and you want to donate it, then the property will be named as the trust. You will have to make a trust deed on the stamp paper. Moreover, you will mention the objects on the trust deed. However, if you want to transfer your property on the name of the trust, then it will be done like a property registry. So, you will be issued a registration number on the stamp paper. Then, you can start working on your objectives.

Requirements for trust registration

Name of the trust
Address of office of trust
Authority letter/Rent agreement/Ownership proof
Details of the intentions of the trust
CNIC copy of trustees
A detailed description of what the trust property will become. For immovable property, the trust deed should be on a stamp paper and it shall be registered
Contribution details of the trustees
Particulars of the applicant
Name, address, and description number of office address of the trust
Trust executive name

Who is eligible for registering a trust?

If there are more than two individual, who decided to contribute an amount for the social purpose, shall incorporate a trust. For instance, the charitable mission can be child education, women empowerment, etc. Also, if you decide to donate your property for social work then you shall also register a trust.
Registering property is much simpler than registering fund as a trust.

Process of trust registration

You have to buy a stamp paper. Then, draft a trust deed in which you have to explain your objectives. Also, you have to add two witnesses to it. After that, you will have to go to the trust registrar office. In the next 1-2 days, you will get back the trust deed. Moreover, a registration number will be issued to you.
A trusted registrar is someone who registers your property etc.

Time Duration

It takes usually 5-10 days for registration of trust registration. But, it greatly relies upon the government processing time and client document submission time.

Ordinance 1860 (social welfare)

This act has become popular now. For example, if you have charity schools etc then you can register them here. It is registered on the provisional level. Similar to the trust deed, you will also have to make a memorandum of association in this act. In the MOA, you will have to mention the objectives of your social welfare. Plus, you need a minimum of 7 members to start social welfare. For example, a president, vice president, secretary, etc. There is a complete list which you have to mention.

Requirements for social welfare registration

Name of the social welfare
Commercial address of the social welfare office (registered office address)
Authority letter/ownership proof/rent agreement
MOA with NGO objectives and AOA with NGO rules
CNIC copy of all members
Copy of CNIC of two witnesses
Name, occupation, and current address of the subscribing members
Name, occupation, and current address of all the members
A detailed description of the intended aims and objects of the social welfare

After fulfilling the requirements, you will have to submit them to the society registrar office. They will examine the documents and if they object, then you will have to compensate it. Recently, a law has been passed. According to that law, when local people register NGO's, they would have to verify it. So, it can be a time taking process. When your social welfare is verified, the registrar will issue a certificate.
After that, there are other compliances. We will provide free consultation for it if you want. one month ver delay

Time Duration

It takes usually one month for registration of social welfare. Yet, most of the time the verification process takes 3 to 6 months. So, the client should be mentally prepared. But, it greatly relies upon the government processing time and client document submission time.

All international NGO's are registered by SECP. There are many other departments, too. The main advantage is that it can be verified online. Also, it is authentic and credential than others.

Firstly, you have to check for the name availability. To avoid future conflicts, we do complete research with the help of our legal experts. If you want any consultation related to this then you may contact us now. However, after receiving the name approval from SECP you will proceed to fulfill the other requirements which we have mentioned below.

Requirements for foundation registration

CNIC/Passport copy of subscribers
Copy of CNIC of two witnesses
Occupation and address of the promoters
Name of companies/associations in which the promoters have offices
An estimate of the future annual income and source of income
Resume or particulars of the promoters
Power of attorney on stamp paper
Fee challan of 25K

Promoters mean the people who are associated with your organization. The documents should be attested. When you have submitted all the documents, the registrar will analyze the documents. When your documents are approved, you will receive a letter from the ministry of interior for the verification of the members. After verification, you will receive the final certifications.

However, the process doesn't finish here. You also have to register a company that is limited by guarantee. The company will run the NGO. The process is simpler similar to the private limited company. You can get a free consultation from our experts if you require it.

Time Duration

It takes usually one month for registration of a foundation. But, it greatly relies upon the government processing time and client document submission time.

When you are incorporating a trust, social welfare, or a foundation, then you shall know this. The income tax law treats NGO's as a company. But, you can also take tax exemptions if you want. Note that there are further requirements for obtaining a tax exemption. You have to get registered on further departments. So, if you want to get tax exemptions, our legal experts will guide you about the procedure free of cost!

After doing the NGO registration, you will receive the registration documents from the department. So, after that, the next step will be Business NTN Registration. It will help you in opening a bank account.

After registration of the company, you will proceed for a bank account opening. To open a bank account, you will need a NTN. You will have to take the NTN and registered documents of the company.