Add Directors


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The director of a company is a person chosen by stockholders for managing the activities of an organization. The person is considered as the incharge of a company, he holds the functions performing in the company.

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There are five types of director appoint in a company:

Managing director

Executive director

Additional director

Ordinary director

Alternate director


PHOTOGRAPH: The photograph of a person is needed who is appointing to be a director.
NTN: NTN of a director is compulsory while appointing him/her.
MOBILE NUMBER: Mobile number should be registered legally.
RESIDENTIAL PROOF: The proof of residence is compulsory to appoint a director. An ID card/ passport/ voter ID/ driving license is needed.
DIGITAL SIGNATURE CERTIFICATE: DSC is needed while appointing a director.


The director is appointed when a vacancy arises. The new director is appointed within 14 days a vacancy stand.


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