Trademark Renewal


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The act or process of renewing is known as a Renewal. The Trademark Registration done through IPO is valid until 10 years. It means that it should be renewed every ten years.

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Trademark registered through IPO are covered by the Madrid system and are therefore valid till ten years. This automatically means that the renewal period of the trademark will in law expires ten years after trademark registration. But the renewal period is longer. You must extend 6 months before the expiration date of the trademark.

After this period, the renewal period begins. Now the trademark is expired, but you can settle it by paying a fee within 6 months. This fine is an increased fee that allows you to cover your rights.


Here are the five most important things to do while starting the renewal process:

  • •Is the name of the trademark correct?
  • •Are the goods still correct for which the trademark is registered?
  • •Do you still use the logo on which the trademark is registered?
  • •Do you still use the logo on whi
  • •Do you still use the name on which the trademark is registered?

In some cases above mention, points are not correct anymore. For instance, organizations shift and replace the ownership and reveal a new logo, no longer use the old one.


The trademark should be renewed within 6 months before expiry. But you can also renew it anytime, for this you have to pay the late fees. The duration of the trademark will be ten years according to IPO. After the next ten years then you have to renew it


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