Since a logo is a visual element meaning an association, logo configuration is a significant territory of visual computerization. A logo is the focal component of a complex identification system that must be practically reached out to all interchanges of an association. Whether you have a private limited or a one-person company, you must need a logo to make your business recognizable. Along these lines, the design of logos and their fuse in a visual character framework is one of the most difficult and significant zones of visual communication of a brand or an organization.

Why do we need logo?

Logos are intended to speak to organizations’ brands or corporate characters and encourage their quick client acknowledgment. Furthermore, having a professionally designed logo attracts customers. To put it another way, it develops client trust in the business.

To be more professional, the logo is the ultimate source to reveal identity. Especially, designing a logo discriminates you from your opponent.

When should i get a logo ?

As soon as you have incorporated a private limited/one person/sole proprietorship/foreign/public limitedpartnership firm or limited liability company, you can go for logo designing.

Even if you are running a small scale business, you should get a logo now


The key component in logo design is color’s choice, it can be assumed as a significant job in building brand identity. The importance of color in this context is because of the mechanics of human visual discernment wherein choice of color and contrasting play a basic role in visual detail discovery. Furthermore, color choice and contrasting can relate to social and cultural conditioning, and due to this choice of color is an important job, considering how people will interpret and assess logo color. So the choice of color is viewed as an important factor while building brand identity and logo design.

It shouldn’t strife with logo usefulness, and it is also considered that color tones and affiliations are not predictable overall cultural, and social gatherings. For instance, in the United States, red, white, and blue are frequently utilized in logos for organizations that need to extend enthusiastic emotions however different nations will have various arrangements of colors that summon national pride.

Picking an association’s logo’s color is an important decision due to its long term impact and its role in making different identities among other bran’s logos. A procedure for distinguishing potential logo colors inside an industry division is color mapping, whereby existing logo colors are deliberately recognized, mapped, and assessed.

Moreover, your logo can be a symbol or text, it depends upon your choice and brand approach. Ultimately, if your logo is text-based, then it should be understandable and coherent. Generally speaking, a logo should be visualized and easy to remember. That is to say, people should remember your logo even when they have seen a glimpse of it. For this purpose, you must hire professional services to design your logo.


A logo is a one-time thing. Obviously, you don’t need to design a logo time-to-time. It will stay with your business for a whole lifetime. Hence, it is highly recommended and apparent that you should get on the ball services for the designing.

But, the question is how to verify if the services are professional? That’s simple. All you need to do is to check their previous work. If you like the work, then you should hire them for logo designing.


When you design a logo, you need to take measures to protect it. Otherwise, anyone would copy the logo. If you trademark your logo, it will prevent people from making use of it without your consent. To emphasize, trademarking a logo will allow you to take legal action against the person who duplicates it. Many people consider logo trademarking as a complex process. Thus, they overlook this stage which leads to future conflicts. Although, trademarking a logo is not mandatory, yet if you do no trademark the logo that will lead you to further difficulties. So, logo trademarking is a necessary stage. But, if you are worried about the complexities of this process, then you should stop now. At spectrum consultancy, we have a team of professionals who will not only help you in designing a logo but also we will assist you in logo trademarking. Our experts will provide consultation anytime you have a query. So, you are just a phone call away from logo designing and logo trademarking.


If you have any queries regarding trademark opposition, you can freely contact us. You can also enjoy our other services such as Trade license , NGO Registration , Sole Proprietorship Private Limited Company RegistrationPublic Limited Company Registration, etc.