Patent is a right given to a capitalist that enables them to prohibit all others from making, using, or selling their inventions for over 20 years. In Pakistan IPO (intellectual property organization) is the only office where you can register your firm as a patent registered company so that no one can steal your ideas unless you permit them.

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Anyone who has made a new design for their business can apply for a design patent so that no one can copy your design


Utility patent is registered when you have made the discovery, it is also called PATENT OF INVENTION. It prohibits all other firms to use or sell your inventions.


It is a registration used by botanists to preserve new and freakish plant codes or characteristic from being mimicked.


  1. It should be unique/novel.
  2. The discovery must vary significantly from what is previously known
  3. The invention must be industrially applicable.
  4. The applicant should not be involved in criminal activities.
  5. The applicant should be over 18 years and he should have a CNIC.
  6. It should not be opposed to Law and Morality


It depends on the investor to whom he allows to use that particular patented discovery until it is protected by patent protection. the patent owner can give license to another firm to use its protected discovery for the period until it is protected. He can also sell the right of its protection to other company then he will become the new owner of that protection.


The duration of the patent is for 20 years from the time of registration. It takes 6 to 12months to register a patent.


Applying for a patent you have to go to the IPO office and submit your application for registration, if there will be no objection then you can submit further documents to proceed with your registration.


Renewal of patent occurs after 20 years. You can do the registration before 1 year of expiry by IPO office. Patent renewal asks you for the patent number, date and year of patent registration, registered mobile number, address, and CNIC.

  • Document preparation: We will help you in preparing your documents such as the statement of facts.
  • Application preparation: We will help you in preparing your application which you will submit in the IOP office.
  • Submitting application: Once the application is done with the signing we will submit it to the IOP office
  • Updating application status: This method requires time and if there will be any objection by the data you attached with the application, we will keep you updated to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Application for registration in triplicate in Form-II. The person appealing for registration shall concurrently send a copy of the application to every other person who may be affected and interested in the patent registration of the work.
  • All applicants for registration must be accompanied by Statement of Facts. This statement will be submitted in triplicate.
  • In addition to the Statement of Facts, a Statement of Further Facts in triplicate is also required to be tendered for the registration of patent.
  • Two copies of the fundamental work to be attached.
  • If you hire professional’s services to create a work to be patented, affidavit of that professional will be submitted along with the application stating that he does not have any right or claim regarding the work to be patented.
  • Registration fee of Rs. 1000/- by Demand Draft made out in favor of DG IPO.
  • For the registration of patent work, the candidate shall place an advertisement in the newspaper and submits two copies of this advertisement to the registrar. Advertisement should be placed in the prescribed composition as given in the Patent Rules.


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