Public Limited Company Pakistan

What is Public Limited Company?

A public limited company is a type of limited liability. But, in this case, the company can sell and trade their shares in public. However, in these types of businesses, sharing the worth of the company is necessary. So, the buyers would come to know the worth of the company. However, the selling and trading of shares to investors increases the capital of the company. But, forming a public limited company has more strict requirements as compared to a private limited company. A public limited company has all the advantages of a private limited company.

Who can incorporate a public limited company?

For the incorporation of a public limited company, the person has to be eligible for it. There should be at least 3 directors. Also, 7 shareholders are required. The directors and shareholders must be above the age of 18. They all should have their CNIC's. There is no limitation on the maximum number of directors.

Capital Requirement

When registering a company, the article of association has to be made. So, in the article of association, you have to mention the capital of your company. There are two types of capital in Pakistan, paid-up capital and authorized capital. However, there is no requirement in Pakistan regarding paid-up capital. But, we consider 100,000 RS as the minimum capital to incorporate a company.

Documents Requirement

CNIC copy of all the directors
Shareholding of directors
Company name and address
Registered mobile number of directors

Time Duration

It usually takes 6 weeks to incorporate a public limited company.

What to do next?

After doing the company registration, you will receive the registration documents from the department. So, after that, the next step will be Business NTN Registration. It will help you in opening a bank account.
After SECP registration, you need to register your business with some other concerned departments such as taxation departments, food departments, chamber of commerce, custom department, Pakistan software engineering board, Pakistan engineering council, etc. It depends upon your business type. You may contact our experts to get a consultation about your business registration in Pakistan.

How to open a bank account?

After registration of the company, you will proceed for a bank account opening. To open a bank account, you will need a business NTN. You will have to take the NTN and registered documents of the company.

Do I need a GST?

If you are a
A service provider (courier, hotel, shipping, etc)
If your business
Has a turnover of more than 10 million
Utility bills exceed 8 lac
Has different branches
Is in a shopping mall
Then it is mandatory for you to get a GST registration number. Otherwise, it will be a violation of the law. But, you don't have to worry about that. We will provide you complete consultation about business formation. Here is a complete guide of GST.

Do I need to do PSEB Registration?

If you have a
Call center
IT company
so you should do PSEB registration. For call center it is mandatory otherwise you can not operate in Pakistan, But, if you have an IT company then you should also register, so it will allow you to avail the tax exemption. We offer consultation for all kinds of business, so contact us now and we will give you a complete guide.

Do I need to do PEC Registration?

If you have a business-related to engineering, then you have to do PEC registration. Otherwise, you can not undertake your work.

Is the Chamber Of Commerce needed?

If you have a business of trading, so the chamber of commerce is mandatory for you. Also, if you want to apply for a business visa, so you have to get


Do I need Weboc registration?

If you want to do import/export business, then you must need weboc registration. Otherwise, you can not run your business.
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