Share Transfer

What is share transfer?

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It is the process of transferring shares between a corporation. Specifically, share transfer can be sold or gifted to the shareholders. Henceforth, this operation is done legally. Therefore, some changes will be made in the legal documentation of the corporation such as partnership deed, etc.

Which companies can transfer shares?

There are some specific classes of incorporations that can go through this process.

When can I transfer shares?

There is not a specific time or period of share transfers. So, you can transfer shares anytime after incorporating a private limited, public limited, and limited liability.

How can I transfer shares?

Certain documents should be prepared to transfer shares:

Article of association
Transfer deed on stamp paper
Witnesses should be present during the time of signing of the transfer deed
Company registration documents
Paid-up capital
Stage 1: Prepare transfer deed and do submission at the government office.
Stage 2: In this stage, you will either get approval from the board of directors or it will be opposed. So, if the share transfer is approved you will proceed for stage 3.
Stage 3: Update the memorandum of the company by updating the shares of each member.
Stage 4: Narrate the transfer of shares on the forms and you will be done!

How Spectrum Consultancy will help me in share transfer?

Many incorporations are hesitant to transfer shares because of the complexed stages. They don't seek consultation, hence they do not complete the legal procedures. Therefore, they have to go through penalties and difficulties in the future. Our experts will consult you in all stages of share transfer. We will try to represent this process to you as natural as we can.

Consultation regarding the process: This is an important step. Before performing any action, one should be completely aware of the process. So, our experts will provide you complete knowledge regarding this process.
Documents preparation: We will assist you in all stages of document preparation. Our professionals will prepare documents for your company share transfers in 4 days. But, it depends upon the perplexity of the documents and the background of the company.
Analyze documents: If your documents are already prepared, our experienced workers will go through them. They will examine if there is a need for any changes or if there is a mistake. The review of the documents will take 2 days maximum.
Submission for share transfer: To minimize your burden, we will send our team for the submission of the documents. Before sending the documents, our team will make sure that they are accurate. Also, you won't have to cover long distances to submit the documents at the government offices. Once you submit the documents to us, they will become the weight off our shoulders. Afterward, you can rest at your home. However, this process will take a maximum of a week.
Updation about the status: Even after applying for shares transfer, we will remain in contact with you until the process is pending. Thus, we will constantly update you about the status of the request. You will immediately receive a notification from our team when your request is approved.