Public Limited Filing

What is the income tax filing of a public limited company?

Have you incorporated a public limited company? Now, you need to start with the taxation and compliance procedure. To summarize, income tax filing is obligatory for all public limited companies. It is a puzzling method as the filing has to be done at the given due dates by the government. Thus, you need to take consultation by experts who would provide quality services. If you do take the aid of an experienced person, you would've to endure penalties of a tremendous amount. Therefore, you should sidestep from this possibility by getting a consultation from our experts.

So, in Pakistan, companies must file income tax returns of their income, profit, and loss. It will evade enormous amounts of penalties.

When should we do income tax filing?

For public limited companies, it should be done annually.

How do I file income tax for my public limited company?

You can do it at the federal board of revenue's website or office. You have to submit the documents that are mentioned below. If your accounts are not managed then, you need to go through one more stage.

You have to hire an accountant who will fix the company accounts. Afterward, you will hire a chartered accountant who will audit the accounts.

Requirements for income tax filing

Bank statements
Internal accounts of the public limited company(expense sheets etc.)

Time duration

It depends upon the accounts management. If your accounts are arranged, then it will take 3 to 4 days. Otherwise, the time varies. Also, it greatly relies upon the government processing time and client document submission time.