Spectrum Law Associates the leading Marriage & Divorce Law Firm in Pakistan. Online Nikah / Court Marriage & Divorce Documentation are the Landmark service for Pakistanis & Foreigners living abroad who require the facility for online service based on legal documentation and registration..

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Online Nikah and Marriage Registration service, leading Marriage & Divorce Lawyers in Pakistan.

Spectrum Law Associates offer Nikkah online service with complete package of marriage documentation, registration and other formalities. You can register your Nikkah even if you are living abroad.Online Nikkah is performed according to the Hanafi School of thoughts. We offer legal help to register your Nikkah in Pakistan. Nikkah proceeding is carried out according to Pakistan Family Laws and regulations. Like the Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961 and Family Courts Act 1964. Online Nikkah Marriage service is especially helpful for overseas Pakistanis. So this service is for you if you are living in USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, or India. Our Nikkah process is as simple as ABC, If you want to get Marry with a Pakistan National but don’t know how to register your Nikah. You worry about its procedure and many other related issues. Online Nikkah or online Marriage is like a Court Marriage or Ordinary Marriage. Any person who desires Nikkah and wants registration under the law may contact us. You need to provide Bride and Groom basic details via Marriage Form Next, settle a date for Nikah. We maintain complete privacy of your information and matter related to your Nikah. Our Nikah registrar is a registered Nikah-Khawan. Having Nikah registrar valid license issued by the Government of Sindh, Pakistan.We are proud to have hundreds of satisfied clients from all over the world.Spectrum Law Associates is the leading Court Marriage Law Firm in Pakistan. Nikah online (Nikah via Video Call) is our Landmark service.