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Spectrum Consultancy offers top company registration services in Karachi with competitive prices & professionalism. Get your company registration done by the best lawyers/consultants in Karachi. 

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We genuinely understand that company registration can be a complicated process in Pakistan because of the complex legal structures and professionals who are always seeking to make money from the public’s lack of awareness. At Spectrum Consultancy, along with providing expert legal services & consultation, we make sure that our clients are well aware & they have all the required knowledge.

While this process is quite stressful, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can just send us the requirements, sit back & let us do our job! 

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Spectrum is a well-known & reputable company which has helped register 6000+ businessesin Karachi. Having years of experience in this field, we have gathered enough information & knowledge that you need for your new company incorporation. We offer quick company registration with the step-by-step guidance of the process and 24/7 support.

If you are confused & don’t know where to start, don’t worry!Contact us for professional assistance on how & which company model to determine for your startup. Whether you are planning on registering a sole proprietorship business, private limited company, public limited company, partnership firm or any other corporation, we can help in everything.  Private Limited Company registration is the most preferred form of business structure in the business class. Why should we register a company?Getting your company registered officially can make a big difference for your business. People will start trusting your business and will have more interest in working with you as everything will be documented. Companies in Pakistan are registered as per The Companies Act, 2017 The registration of companies is managed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) through the Companies Act, 2017, which was legislated on 30th May 2017. 

What are the types of business structures in Pakistan?

Sole Proprietorship: A “sole proprietorship” is a form of doing business where one person owns and runs a corporation under a distinct label. Hence this class of operation is the most widespread in Pakistan. A sole proprietorship is even effortless to form, with few legal formalities and low expense rather than a company. Read More About Sole Proprietorship Business Registration.

Private Limited Company Registration:

A private limited company is the most professional class in the business industry of Pakistan. Many people in Pakistan are willing to start a business, but they do not know how to register a company. In Pakistan, private company registration came according to the company ordinance act in 1984. But now, we follow the company ordinance 2017. Since 1984, it has been considered one of the most recommended types of business. SECP is the platform through which we register a PLC. Read More About Private Limited Company Registration.

One Person Company Registration:

In Pakistan, the one-person company is also known as SMC (single-member company). This company came into existence in 2010. Additionally, it is a private limited. But, the difference is that only one member is required to incorporate the company. Moreover, the SMC is limited by shares. So, the SMC can not sell or trade the stakes with the public in the stock market.

Furthermore, the member incorporating the company would have to appoint a nominee. The nominee can be anyone from their blood relatives. Plus, the nominee will replace the company’s sole director if they are disabled. Consequently, the director should specify the nominee in the MOA & AOA of the corporation. Read More About One Person Company Registration.

Public Limited Company Registration

A public limited company is a type of limited liability. But, in this case, the company can sell and trade its shares in public. However, sharing the company’s worth is necessary in these types of businesses. So, the buyers would come to know the worth of the company. However, the selling and trading of shares to investors increases the company’s capital. But, forming a public limited company has more strict requirements than a private limited company. A public limited company has all the advantages of a private limited company. Read More About Public Limited Company Registration.

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Presently, SECP allows two types of Private Limited Company Registration in Karachi.


It is the most favourable business structure among the business class of Pakistan. Incorporating this company can come in use for small-medium enterprises and large-level businesses. A minimum of two directors are required for its registration. It takes 2-3 days on average to complete the process. The required documents are mentioned below.

2- Single Member Company Registration

SMC is also a form of Private Limited Company that needs one director only. It takes 2-3 days on average to complete the process. The required documents are mentioned below.

Which government authorities are involved in the company registration process?

SECP & FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) are involved throughout the process. 

If you’re planning on starting your own business, then Spectrum Consultancy is the right choice! We will assist you throughout all legal processes from the beginning to the end. Our office is located in Karachi & Islamabad, where we provide top company registration services in the industry. SC is the first legal organization to give awareness to its clients, along with providing expert consultancy and services. We have a vast team of specialists in this field. Our team consists of highly qualified lawyers, tax consultants & support team. Spectrum consultancy offers company registration in Karachi of private limited, public limited, single-member company, sole proprietorship business & partnership firm. Our legal services will leave you 100% satisfied. If you have more questions & queries, we’re always available to guide you. Whether on-call or over a cup of tea, you can seek our support in any way you like. 

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