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August 3, 2023
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August 5, 2023

Official of Pakistan’s Customs Sentenced to Serious Penalties for Corruption

On August 4, 2023, Islamabad In a recent occurrence, a Pakistan Customs official was hit with a significant fine after being accused of corruption, misbehaviour, and inefficiency.

Muhammad Ikram Sheikh, Inspector Customs (BS-16), of the Collectorate of Customs in Gilgit-Baltistan, has been the target of disciplinary action. According to Rule 3(a)(b)&(c) of the Civil Servants (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules, 2020, he was accused of “Inefficiency,” “Misconduct,” and “Corruption” in the Order of Inquiry dated 03.02.2023.

Muhammad Arshad Khan (PCS/BS-19) was chosen as the inquiry officer in order to conduct a thorough investigation. The claims against the accused officer were found to be true after a thorough examination of the accused officer’s actions, according to the investigation report that was presented by the inquiry officer on May 2, 2023.

According to Rule-16(6) of the aforementioned regulations, Show Cause Notice was sent to the accused on May 19, 2023, based on the conclusions and recommendations of the investigation report. The accused officer provided reply to the Show Cause Notice in response. In accordance with Rule-17 of the Civil Servants (Efficiency Discipline) Rules, 2020, the Member (Admn/HR)/Authority thereafter gave the accused the chance for personal hearing on July 20, 2023.

The Authority, namely Member (Admn/HR), FBR, concurred with the Inquiry Officer’s conclusions and recommendations after carefully reviewing the case file, inquiry report, accused’s response, and vocal arguments presented during the personal hearing. heavy punishment of “Reduction to lower post of Assistant (BS-15) for period of two years” was therefore issued by the Authority. According to Rule 4(3)(b) of the Civil Servants (E&D) Rules, 2020, upon the accused, Muhammad Ikram Sheikh, Inspector Customs (BS-16), posted at the Collectorate of Customs in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Furthermore, in accordance with Sr. No. 7(iii) of FBR’s Circular No. of 2015, dated 06.03.3015, as part of the punishment, his Performance Allowance shall be halted for one year from the date of this penalty award. After the one-year period, he will also need to reappear for the restoration of the allowance.

According to the Civil Servants (Appeals) Rules, 1977, the accused, Muhammad Ikram Sheikh, has the right to appeal this decision to the Appellant Authority. He has 30 days from the day this notification was communicated to submit the appeal.

The government’s commitment to upholding accountability, integrity, and transparency throughout its institutions is strongly underscored by this sentence. strong message is sent that such behaviour will not be tolerated and that anyone found guilty will be held accountable by the quick and forceful action taken against corruption.

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