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Trademark Registration Pakistan: Complete Guide

Spectrum Consultancy is a tax consultant in Karachi. We provide leading services of trademark registration in Pakistan. Spectrum consultancy is different from others due to their expertise in the tax field. We have professional and experienced lawyers who will provide you a consultation about all services. 

After business startup, intellectual property weighty concern. Many people overlook this point which leads to future conflicts. Thus, we highly recommend completing this as soon as you have incorporated a business. Here we have gathered all the organic and wanted information regarding trademark registration Pakistan. After reading the complete article, you won’t have to look anywhere else for information about trademark registration Pakistan. 

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property is also known as IP. The only way you can distinguish from your competition is by intellectual property. IP are the things which you produce from your own intellect. All companies have to protect their intellectual property. Otherwise, people will duplicate it. Intellectual property includes:

  • video
  • images
  • logo
  • books
  • content
  • tagline
  • slogans
  • games
  • music
  • business name
  • products

What is a trademark?

Trademark registration Pakistan is a part of intellectual property. We do Trademark registration Pakistan with logo, brand name, phrase, and symbol. Trademark allows the business to be distinctive from the rivals. All companies should do trademark registration in Pakistan. Else, they will face future conflicts.

How to do you get a trademark in Pakistan?

Intellectual property organization (IPO) is the government body in Pakistan through which we protect our property. Trademark registration Pakistan is done through the office of the trademark registry (TMR) which is at Karachi. 

Who can register a trademark in Pakistan?

If you are a 

  • individual
  • director
  • private limited company
  • limited company
  • partnership firm
  • association of person

Then, you are eligible for trademark registration in Pakistan. 

Why should we do trademark registration in Pakistan?

There are several advantages and uses of trademark registration in Pakistan. Timely, the business industry is expanding. Hence, the competition is also increasing. They all are seeking for customer satisfaction, so there is a high chance that they will copy your work or innovation. Therefore, it is highly essential and recommended to get a trademark as soon as you produce something. 

Trademark registration in Pakistan allows the actual company to use its composition with all rights and protection. In addition, it doesn’t matter where your brand is located, you can use your trademark registration, all over Pakistan. 

Moreover, trademark registration allows you to sale franchises of your business. You will get all these benefits after trademark registration with ordinance 2001. 

If you do not trademark your brand name, it shows that you are not the legal owner of the business. To emphasize, you won’t be able to prove your ownership. 

What is the standard of trademark registration in Pakistan?

The trademark should 

  • be distinctive
  • in use
  • not be misleading

If your registration does not match the criteria, then you can not register a trademark in Pakistan. 

Why should we hire a consultant for trademark registration in Pakistan?

A tax consultant has the experience, and he can understand legal matters better than an ordinary person. There is a high risk of trademark disapproval due to the complex structure of legal stuff in Pakistan. Therefore, you should hire a tax consultant for this purpose.

What is the law for trademark registration in Pakistan?

We do trademark registration in Pakistan under the trademark ordinance 2001. The law says to accommodate new trademark registrations. Also, it states to preserve the existing trademarks in Pakistan. Moreover, it declares to provide treatment for the disapproval of trademarks. 

Now, the government has to issue the trademark registration certificate in Pakistan under this law. Because the trademark act in 1940 was a conventional one. Also, the act of 2001 has fresh abstraction as compared to the old one. For instance, according to the trademark ordinance 2001, we can also do trademark registration with a combination of color or a limitation of color. 

What is the process of trademark registration in Pakistan? 

We have broken down the process into several steps, so you will understand it finely. 

Step 1: First, the applicant has to fill the form 55. Afterward, the trademark registry office will analyze the trademark to check if it matches their criteria. We have mentioned the standard above.

Case 1: They will approve your trademark if it matches their criteria. Then, you’ll move to the next step.

Case 2: The registry office will disapprove your trademark. Then, you will have to repeat this step by registering a new trademark. They do this to make sure that there are no future conflicts. Hence, you should do proper and professional research before trademark registration. For that purpose, you need to take consultation from an expert. 

Step 2: When the registry office approves your trademark, then after that you have to fill another form. The form is either TM form 1 or TM form 2 (it depends on his application.) To fill this form, there are some requirements.

  • 8 copies of the trademark
  • The intent of the trademark
  • Receipt of the payment 

Step 3: After this step, you will receive recognization from the registry. This process will take 15 days. Next, you will have to wait for 3 months for another report. During this time, the registry will notify you if there are any objections with your submissions.

Step 4: Now, after clearing all objections, the registry will submit the trademark in the monthly digital journal of IPO. The journal is accessible at the website of IPO. Anyone can view the journal. 

After publication, if there is an issue, you will have to fill another form which is form TM-5 or TM-8. Also, you will file form TM-6 or TM-9 to justify the opposition.

You will wait for two months to see if there is any objection. 

Step 5: If there is no objection, then your request is accepted. Now, you will have to pay the registration fee and fill the form 11. 

Step 6: You will receive the registration certificate. Then, you can use the (®) with your trademark. 

The trademark registration takes less than 2 years. 

Cancellation of registration

If you do not utilize your trademark for consecutively 5 years your trademark registration will be canceled. 

Till when can I use my trademark?

The trademark is valid for 10 years, afterward, you will renew it. For that, you will fill the form 12 and pay the renewal fee. 

Make sure that you apply for renewal within six months of the expiry. If you didn’t file it within the time, then you will have to fill a form for restoration. The form is TM-13. 

Where are the offices for trademark registration in Pakistan?

The head office is located at Karachi. Other than that, there are two regional offices located at Islamabad and Lahore. 

How spectrum consultancy will help you in trademark registration in Pakistan?

Similar to all other legal matters, trademark registration is a complex process. People have less awareness regarding this. Hence, it leads to future clashes. We have a team of experienced and professional lawyers. If you want to take consultation from experts you can contact now. 

Spectrum consultancy will consult you in trademark research and use. We will help you in searching for applications and forms. Also, spectrum consultancy will assist in submitting the forms. Moreover, we will keep you updated about the registration status. We will also guide you about your rights and uses of the trademark. So, feel free to contact us!

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