Taxation services
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December 12, 2019
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Taxation services

GST Registration, Company Registration, Trademark Registration Services. Spectrum-consultancy is a corporate & individual consultation service provider in matters related to a different type of Corporate

About spectrum-consultancy

Private Ltd Registration

Spectrum-consultancy is building one of the best services for Private Limited Company Registration in Karachi for SMEs and business Startups. This is the right of the company to get registered where we are helping them and be to rightly guide them for their financial needs.

Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Limited liability partnerships concept is quite popular in the last few years. The basic intention behind introducing the Limited Liability Partnership is to provide a form of business startup entity and meanwhile also provide the facility of limited liability to designated partners.

Trademark Registration

It takes years to build a brand image in the market. For trademark, you must have the complete ownership of the logo, slogan, shape, and packaging of goods, sound, smell, color combinations or anything else that gives you unique identification to the brand.

GST Registration

GST Registration is necessary for a designated person’s now who is concerned in the marketing and selling of goods or providing services in Pakistan. GST is increasing the system of doing business startup while you are a small businessman or a large scale businessman.

Company Annual Filingscompany’s Share Capital

Every Company is required to file an Annual Return with ROC within days of the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting. Annual Return includes details of the company’s Share Capital, Directors, as well as Shareholders, etc.

Limited Liability Partnership Annual Filings

Limited Liability Partnership which is incorporated in Pakistan is required to file a statement of Account & Solvency in LLP Form for every financial year. Form is filled with the Registrar of Companies.

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