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Oil & Gas Company Registration in Pakistan
October 19, 2019
Corporate consultancy
October 25, 2019


Corporate consultancy

Many people want to do small business in Pakistan, but they do not have any idea about how they start their business. According to SECP (security and exchange commission of Pakistan) in the 2019 Market report of Pakistan’s ranking grown by 11 indents (from 147 to 136).


SECP is the security and exchange commission of Pakistani. It is a financial regulatory agency in Pakistan whose motive is to develop a modern and corporate sector. SECP encourages people to invest in a business for a better future.).


It is an enterprise in which a person or his organization is involved, the market in Pakistan is evolving, and people are looking for small business. There are several opportunities that you can avail of and start your small business. If you want to start a small business, then SECP will help you to start your business. The following are the ideas of some small business that you can invest in.


Beekeeping is in demand these days. You can quickly start this business on a small scale. You just need a proper plan to start this small business. With the help of SECP, you need to determine several cost factors, expected a return on investment. Develop a marketing plan for the startup of your small business, and then with the concern of SECP register your business..


Running a small business is different than running a big company. The first step towards organic farming is the understanding of how things work. You need to put extra input to start an inorganic farm as a small business. First, you need to determine what crops you want to grow, find out what farmers locally grow. You can also find helpful resources online. SECP can help you while doing all this research and help you to invest in your small business.


Poultry farming is always in demand because the population is increasing day by day, and the need for protein is increasing day by day. With the help of SECP, understand the business and invest in a small scale first. SECP helps you in growing a small business you need to choose a proper location then make a suitable business and marketing plan. With the help of SECP, arrange finance, and then make it legal.


As small business is in demand these days, and if you are an artist and want to do something on a small scale, then T-shirt painting is best for you to start on a small scale. After some time, you can also register your small business with the help of SECP. You can start this profession with a small stake. You don’t even need a lot of space; you can do it from your home.


Everyone owns a car, and car washing is the small business that is always in demand because people these days don’t have much time to wash their vehicles so you can own small businesses. Most people want someone at their place to wash their cars. With the help of SECP, you can register this business. You will need some types of equipment for the car wash. You can also add some services related to your small business.

Above are some ideas of small business that you can do easily in Pakistan, and you can also connect with SECP, who help you resister and investment. If you engage with SECP, then they will help you to invest in small businesses. Some people don’t have much knowledge, but they want to start up a small business, but you don’t need to worry because SECP is the agency that helps you to maintain your small business.

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