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October 30, 2019
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October 30, 2019


National Testing Service – Pakistan (NTS) is an association in Pakistan that administers academic performance evaluation tests. NTS registration is similar to the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States. NTS registration offers two main types of tests, the National Aptitude Test (NAT) and the Graduate Assessment Test (GAT). NAT is pointed at students who seek admission to institutes and universities. GAT is aimed at graduates who seek a way to postgraduate education. NTS registration is also utilized to define the criteria of students who seek high-level study abroad. You can easily register yourself through NTS forms which are available online


Candidates have to apply online NTS forms.

  • If you are new, then make your online account on the portal for NTS registration.
  • Fill the online registration NTS form.
  • Then download the bank deposit slip.

NTS registration is associated with NAT, and it has the following two types

  • NAT-I: Students for 12 years of learning
  • NAT-II: Students for 14 years of learning
  • For NTS registration first, download the NTS form and fill it accordingly.
  • Then submit your NTS form on the given address.


After NTS registration, you have to appear in the NTS exam, and the passing criteria after NTS registration in most examinations are 50% marks. Still, it can be changed according to the profession, business, or any other certification, etc. In 2016 the passing marks standard for the educators was 50%.


Nearly 40,000 to 50,000 candidates fill NTS forms and get NTS registration, and then they can appear in these examinations. Its presence is maintained for the only reason that it handles the for accomplishments after convocation or tests for admission in a professional institute after the higher secondary school level.


  • Incomplete or improperly NTS registration or NTS forms details will not be processed.
  • Please stay interactive via our website for eligible candidates list, the test venue, and all related information will disclose after NTS form registration.
  • First-come, first-served basis of the NTS registration form. Queries concerning provisional data will be affirmed within four days only.
  • The final applicant list will be uploaded within two days after the last date of the provisional list. Roll number and test center will be allotted in the final eligible candidate list after filling NTS forms.
  • After NTS registration the roll number slips will dispatch in ten days before the test date.
  • After NTS registration the result cards will dispatch within seven days after the test date.
  • Through NTS form, you get NTS registration which is the is the patterned test which is used to assess the strengths and abilities of the students. NTS registration is the necessary qualification to get the entrance of the HEC recognized public universities.
  • NTS registration is reputed and individualistic body of an organization that manages the academic performance of the students and candidates. NTS form can conduct every type of test like recruitment test; entrance test holds the merit-based accomplishments.
  • The pupils can also apply for NTS form for getting admission in the relevant academies Govt. or Private by completing the requirements with the reserve copy of the result card given by the NTS. Some universities demand the NTS forms or results in transcripts who want to get admission in the universities. Some test is valid for one year only.

Through NTS forms or NTS registration, you can be a Member of the International Association for Educational Assessment. The Higher Education Commission also recognizes it. The NTS form was formed to assure that the quality educational patterns in Pakistan and to implement a national order for comparable grading among institutes.

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