Marriage in Islaam done accordance to sharia and also according to marriage law of resident country because a marriage is not just the union of two person but it’s a legal binding, a contract on several terms and condition which are to be fully obligated by husband and wife or it can be challenged in the court so marriage is a legal process in which advise and service of the legal experts must be avoid in any difficulty afterwards.

In Pakistan after nikkah, a marriage certificate usually in Urdu called Nikkahnama which is given by nikkah khawanon which all process is carried out but a nikkah is need to be registered by the nadra acquired a fully computerized nikkah certificate as a proof of your marriage. It is one of the most important documents, so you need to seek law expert in order to obtain this certificate without any difficulty.


Marriage lawyers and bureaus mostly provide their services to register nikkah according to the law and procedure of Pakistan and obtain a marriage certificate. The service is usually provided to those couple who don’t have the knowhow about the process of registration and how to get the marriage certificate and for those who are not aware about the country law. Many law firms in Pakistan provide marriage lawyer who are expert in these kinds of cases and able to help you according to Islamic shariyah. The services provide to those who prefer court marriage as they are already seeking help from marriage lawyer.


There is no rocket science in requirements, just some necessary documents along with registration fees or the fees according to the law firm or according to the lawyer you are seeking the help from