Business/Investment Advisory Services

Business/Investment Advisory Services

This segment of Spectrum Business Consultancy provides advisory services mainly in the following categories:

(a) Business Advisory:

Provide consultancy for the best feasible business option according to the expertise and resources available to each client; considering the required legal framework and the market conditions.

Convert dream into a reality by translating the specific business needs of our valued clients into a comprehensive business plan or feasibility report.

1. Conduct research and surveys on behalf of upcoming and growing NGOs/NPOs.

2. Conduct industry surveys and research analysis for customized business needs of our clients.

3. Content writing (SOPs, policies, manuals, internal Procedures) for organizations, their websites and any other purpose.

(b) Investment Advisory:

Provide consultancy for various investment options available in capital market, money market, fixed income securities, government securities and/or in mutual funds according to the clients’ specific cash-flow requirements and risk appetite.