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Benefits PEC Registration

By Ismail Qamar Senior Consultants Spectrum Business Consultancy To regulate the engineering profession & education in the country , it is made necessary for all engineering graduates of recognized engineering institutes in Pakistan to obtain PEC registration. So registration as

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Intellectual Property Laws and ordinances

By Ismail Qamar Senior Consultant Spectrum Consultancy TRADE MARK LAWS IN PROTECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: Trade Marks Ordinance 2001: Trade Marks Ordinance 2001 deals with the remedies regarding protection of Intellectual Property Rights in case of violation of any

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benefits of Internal Audit & Control

Benefits of Internal Audits By Sara, Co-ordinator Spectrum Business Consultancy Companies derive significant business value from the internal audit function at multiple levels. At a minimum, most companies that use internal audits rely on the function to provide assurance on

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